Maternaghan House

EKJN architects

Maternaghan House
Craigengall Crofts, Westfield, Scotland

This new-build house features a log stove, ground-source heat pump, thermal store, solar panels and whole-house heat recovery system, as well as passive design principles of super-insulation, high thermal mass, airtightness, high-performance windows, under-floor heating and a layout which maximises the site's South-facing aspect.

Part of West Lothian Council's 'Lowland Crofting' Initiative, the Maternaghan House stands on a South-facing slope, where it makes maximum use of the open Southerly aspect. The Ground Floor has a large Kitchen/Dining Room with dramatic roof glazing and a split-level Living Room. A stone spiral stair leads up to four bedrooms, while additional internal features such as internal stone walls, exposed trusses and double-height spaces provide character and high quality detailing to every aspect of the house.

Heating is by a horizontal ground source heat pump feeding a large accumulator tank.