Ynyshafren Barns

Darkin Architects

Ynyshafren Barns
Pontyates, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire

Built in the early 19th century and set in an idyllic countryside location, the barn was originally stood beaten, suffering at the mercy of Welsh elements. Thankfully, these barns have been carefully restored by the owner to create a wonderful home for his family - a labour of love, phased over three years.

The retention of the existing structure was treated to an internal skin, constructed inside the envelope formed by the old barn. This separation from the external structure secured a modern use for the home whilst retaining the original features of the vernacular.
The bold, strong and timeless stone was retained on the facade with decorative brick heads, jambs and reveals tie the building together. A new slate roof was also instated, to match the finish of the time. The installation of new recessed window units, biased towards the internal skin, give the structure a hunkered down feel from the external, a building that will not be shifted by time nor elements