Twin Peaks

Zac Monro Architects Ltd

Twin Peaks
Clapham, London

This project tackles a 70s ex-council house in south London with a radical solution to knock it down and start again with an open plan design.

One of the key drivers was creating a clear connection between the open plan living space and external gardens. ZMA were able to achieve this by moving the traditional front garden entrance point to the side of the property. This not only enhanced the sense of arrival when one entered the building but also allowed the front garden to be converted into a more private space. This placed an open plan ground floor between 2 gardens, with the sun rising into one, and setting into the other. The ground floor open plan living space opened up to these two new gardens with large minimal sliding doors. This enables one to stand at the back of the front garden and see all the way through into the back of the rear garden. This visual link is then connecting not only the internal and external but also the two external spaces.

Photographer: Andy Matthews