Dock House

Zac Monro Architects Ltd

Dock House
Rotherhithe, London

Hidden away in the far corner of a 1980s red-brick plastic-windowed cul-de-sac, built on infill land of the former Surrey Commercial Docks, sits the new and darker Dock House. Having made this their home when it was1st built, and stayed into the 3rd generation, the ambition for the project was to transform the garden of the existing home into a modern house for the family to extend into and remain together, separately!
A tight site, the new building was positioned hard up against it parent house and the front boundary to create a three-bedroomed home with 2 usable garden spaces. The super-insulated Timber frame structure sits on a piled raft foundation, and take full advantage of its location on the edge of the Russia Dock Woodland with its views and apparent contrast to the urban mesh.

The ingenious use and careful detailing of off-the-shelf materials, made it possible to bring some innovation to the close: the black house standing in contrast both to the surrounding red brick buildings and the green leafy adjacent Woodland. This serves to create a clearer connection between the living space and the exterior. In the family space you sit together, at one with the garden space thanks to the continuous openings and concrete finish. In the upper rooms, you sit more removed thanks to the pared back interior simplicity with a definite sense of being ‘within the trees’.

Photographer: Andy Matthews