Coronation Terrace

Carvell Associates.

Coronation Terrace
County Durham

The existing property, an Edwardian end-terraced Villa was rather dark, having windows front and rear with a poorly designed kitchen acting as circulation space through to the rear. The kitchen was an internal room with an awkward layout and inadequate top lighting from above.
Carvell Associates have completed a recent extension this property, to providing a bright family room and Kitchen to the rear of the property, whilst maintaining the original character, retaining the original rooms and features at the front of the property. This new single storey extension replaces a cold and poorly designed conservatory space, built to provide a link through to the adjacent stables conversion to the rear, which housed additional bedrooms and a utility.
This link had to be retained as part of the original brief. Designing an extension between the 2 buildings. Situated alongside and a party wall made this a challenging project. The client accepted compromises would have to be made for the layout to work.
By relocating the bathroom we reinstated the original axis along the entrance Hall, terminating with a glass door through to the new extension. This well-lit space serves to draw the visitor through into the main reception area from the front door, along the original hall. The hall is largely unchanged, although it now continues to the rear of the property.
One of the main sacrifices was the relocation of the Bathroom into the ‘problem area’ located in the darkest corner of the property adjacent to the party wall and new extension. This was the accepted compromise that would allow the main layout work efficiently.
In the afternoon direct sunlight enters into the bathroom at high level. The clients are delighted with this particular room, as it was the accepted compromise required to make the new layout work. The well-lit space with full height voids is considered a bonus.
The bathroom has proved to be one of the most popular rooms in the house, serving as an escape from the hustle and bustle of family life. The lack of a traditional view was not considered important as it is now possible to lie in the bath and look at the clouds overhead.