Annexe in Hampton

Square One Architects

Annexe in Hampton
Hampton, Greater London

An existing side annexe, previously used as a shed, has been demolished, redesigned and extended to provide an additional self-contained flat to the existing 1970’s bungalow in Hampton.

The annexe consists of two main volumes which have been developed by a new roof profile. This profile was the resultant of the previous roof and the planned extension, combined with consultation from local planning authorities. The open dialogue between all parties led to a much more generous spatial arrangement than previously envisioned. This evolution highlights the important factor communication plays in the field of design.

One spatial volume is comprised of a double height section that completely integrates with the roof of the existing bungalow. It is where the main entrance is located and includes a kitchenette and bathroom on the ground floor, and a staircase leading to a generous bed platform above. This sleeping area neatly tucks itself between the new roof and the ceiling of the existing house below. It is lit from above by two generous flat roof skylights that help to bring in ample amounts of natural daylight which filters through to the entry area below.

The other volume is a rear extension which provides space for the living area. This volume is just past the kitchen in the ground floor, extending itself into the garden with views on two sides. A tall space with a pitched roof provides a comfortable zone in which the occupant can relax. Two skylights, symmetrically placed, dramatically increase the level of natural daylight and ventilation in this area of the new annexe.

A minimal approach streamlines the design of the compact quarters and maximises its utilisation. A limited material palette of white and timber allows daylight to flow from one space to another and increases the occupant’s perception of the space with which they have been provided.

From the exterior, both new volumes are visually integrated with the existing house. The rear extension blends with the existing house in a subtle manner.

The annexe is accessible both from the interior of the existing house and externally from the front driveway.