Peter Dickinson Architects


The replacement of an existing detached property within the Green Belt of West Lancashire. The clients approached Peter Dickinson Architects with the intention of demolishing their recently purchased 1970s detached property and to construct a contemporary dwelling which would sit sympathetically in its context.

The clients wished to incorporate large open spaces and vaulted ceilings in a dwelling which would provide comfortable accommodation for themselves but be able to expand to provide additional accommodation for family and guests. Peter Dickinson Architects approached the design with the intention of creating comfortable living space for the two clients which would be suited to two people living at the property regularly and without the feeling of being lost in a large family home. The Architects split the house, with the primary accommodation located on one side of a central circulation space, with the additional accommodation for family and guests on the other.

The Architects used a simple palette of materials; off-white render and slates, and injected colour and vibrancy through the selective use of treated timber cladding.