Private House 68 (Featuring VELUX Rooflights)

Denovo Design

Private House 68 (Featuring VELUX Rooflights)
Liverpool suburbs

This large, detached, Edwardian property in Liverpool’s leafy suburbs had lain unoccupied for some time and was in a state of neglect.
The Client brief was to reconfigure the internal space to make it more contemporary facilitating the growing family’s needs, whilst also making the dwelling more sustainable and energy efficient, with the associated savings in reduced utility and water bills. The client had decided against the option of a complete new build, wishing to preserve some of the original external Edwardian features, preserving architectural heritage…in effect recycling the building!

A key driver of the design, therefore, was to maintain the building envelope, its external features, whilst completely modernising the interior, opening it up to create lighter, brighter living spaces, and making better use of the overall space, including the loft area, which had been previously only been used for storage.

Central to the design was a showcase entrance hallway. This involved removing part of the floor above to accommodate a feature glass chandelier, which vertically spans the 1st floor and ground floor, drawing the eye upwards. Light coloured ceramic tiles and wall finishes create a sense of calm and flow.


It was important that this light, bright, yet calming ambience was replicated throughout the property.
The previous kitchen areas had comprised several traditional and rather dark and ‘boxy’ rooms and so the decision was made to remove two walls to open up the kitchen space, achieving a more contemporary look. Folding glass corner doors lead to the garden, whilst allowing additional light into the dining/kitchen area.

The client had wished to retain several large trees in the garden area outside, including a large feature oak tree, which may have otherwise significantly impacted on the internal light levels.
However, the form of the new roof space, (and the absence of trusses etc), presented the perfect solution. VELUX rooflights were installed above the glass doors, being highly effective in maximising light levels by channelling natural light from above.


The new media room was created from what had been a small, rather unloved, former loft storage area, with no windows. Having also been clad in dark wood panelling, the space was dark and uninviting.
Two VELUX rooflights were installed, and the walls stripped back and finished in light neutral tones, transforming the former loft space into an inspirational media room, flooded with natural light.
The option of having additional roller blinds incorporated into the rooflights was selected, providing greater flexibility of use, for example, when computer screens are in use.