Duneland East Whins ecovillage

John Gilbert Architects

Duneland East Whins ecovillage
Findhorn, Moray

An innovative ecovillage of 25 timber homes, designed with the community and developed with affordable options for social rent. A mix of two and three bedroom houses and flats, East Whins has co-housing facilities and is based around two cluster points, with social spaces to enable shared activities.

Passive solar design is at the heart of the development. The houses and flats have sunspaces to maximise usable passive solar gain. The large south facing roofs are designed to maximise the space available for solar panels, both solar thermal and photovoltaic, with the roof pitch designed to maximise efficiency at the spring and autumn equinox when solar energy is most beneficial. Low energy timber Velux rooflights are an integral part of this design, maintaining the simple plane of the roof while offering a high level of energy performance.